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How to download UAN Member Passbook login

UAN Member Passbook login download

UAN (Universal Account Number) is a unique initiation by the EPFO which enables you to access your EPF account very easily. UAN also enables you to download a passbook for its account which will keep you all the transactions of the PF account. It is not so much difficult to download your UAN passbook once your UAN number has been successfully generated. The only thing you need to do is to log in to your member portal through your UAN number and password and then get detailed knowledge of all the transactions of your EPF on passbook or statement.

How to download UAN passbook with UAN Number?

It is not easy to download UAN passbook without Universal Account Number. It is one of the most musts to have a thing for logging in to the Universal Unified Portal. If you don’t have yet received your UAN Number or have misplaced it somewhere, you can easily retrieve it with the help of PF number, Aadhar number, PAN card number and other details attached to it.
Here, we are providing you two methods of downloading UAN number passbook easily online.
1. Download Passbook through UAN Member Portal
2. Download Passbook through EPF India Passbook Portal

1. Download Passbook through UAN Member Portal
• Open your web browser and then go to the official website of EPFO through member login portal
• A new page will open up asking you to enter your UAN number and password for logging in to the EPF portal.
• On the successful login, you will see an option of the Menu bar at the top right corner and then click on the option of View followed by Passbook which will provide you your UAN passbook at your UAN member portal.
• Once you have successfully done it, the next thing you need to do is to select the dates from where you are willing to view the account statements. You can go for the bank statement or monthly statement as per your choice.
• Now, click on the download option to save the softcopy of this passbook so that to easily use it in future.

2. Downloading UAN Passbook at EPF

• Open your web browser and then go to the member login portal of your EPF account through
• Once you have done with it the next thing you have to go forward is to select the option off Our Services.
• Now, next go with the option of For Employees followed by Member Passbook.
• Now go to the option of member login by using exact user login ID and password.
• Now click on the option of View Passbook, which will enable you to provide you the detailed overview of your passbook including all of your transactions.
• If you wanted, then you can also go for the option of print so that to use it as future reference etc.

Other methods of getting the PF balance by UAN Number
In addition to the above-mentioned methods you can also get a detailed knowledge of your EPF account by trying these following methods:
• You can check your PF balance through your UAN ME PF Mobile application.
• You can also check your PF balance by giving a missed call on toll-free number 01122901406.
• You can also check your PF balance with the help of SMS alert.

How to check your EPF balance through mobile?

It is one of the easiest ways of checking your EPF balance through mobile numbers. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that to make a missed call only through your registered mobile number otherwise it will not work properly.
• Make a missed call from the registered mobile number on the toll-free number 01122901406.
• You will receive a message, asking you about your UAN number. Add your UAN number very carefully.
• Add your date of birth and the status of your KYC.
• Now enter the last transaction you have made into your PF account.
• That’s all. You will receive a message providing your detailed EPF account balance.

How to download UAN Passbook through the android application?

You can easily get your detailed inquiry of your UAN passbook with the help of the android application. EPFO has launched an Android application M-Seva which has made it a very easy concept. This android application is easily available at Google Play Store from where you can easily download and install it on your device. Just download the app now and enjoy the unlimited fun.
For accessing the passbook through this app, you should first ensure that you must have a UAN number and also need to ensure that whether your UAN number has been activated by the employer or not. The one thing you need to keep in your mind is that UAN number is provided by the EPFO but it needs to be verified and activated by your employer for making transactions on it. So, therefore, going further with the procedure, just confirm whether your UAN is activated or not with the help of checking your UAN status.

• Open your android application and then go to the option of registering to your User ID through your username and password.
• Once you have done with it, now click on the option of Member Passbook.
• You will view a number of options from where; go to the option of Our Services followed by For Employees.
• Once you have completed gone through it the next thing you need to do is to click on the option of UAN Passbook.
• Just click on it, which will provide you a detailed statement of your transactions of your EPF account.

Why is it necessary to check the EPF Balance?

As we all know that EPF is really a very important thing which is quite efficient of ensuring your secured future. So it gets very much necessary to get a tab on the amount you have accumulated to go through your account so that to make perfect future plans after retirement. It is the amount of money which is deducted from your monthly income and gets saved in your PF for your future use. Employers also need to make some contribution towards it. Sometimes employers do not go for depositing their share of contribution. Checking your PF passbook once in a month enables you to know about the fact that whether the employer is suitable adding their contribution to your account or not. Therefore checking regularly is very much important to get aware of the fact.

EPF also provide you the opportunity of getting loan on the sum you have in your account if required and hence you can also say that getting exact knowledge about the sum of money you have in your PF account, will let you aware about the fact that approximately what amount of money you can expect for your future loan.
One thing you need to keep in mind is that EPF is your future security, therefore while changing your job don’t forget to transfer your EPF to the newer employer so that to continue with the process. Also never try to withdraw your PF if it is not so necessary, after all, it is the matter of your hard earned money.



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